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Magerko at TEDx Discusses the Integration of Computer Science and Music

Brian Magerko

Posted January 13, 2016

Brian Magerko, an associate professor in the Ivan Allen College School of Literature, Media, and Communication, discussed his vision for compelling STEAM educational experiences in his talk at the TEDxPeachtree event in November.

During his talk, entitled “The Magic of Music in Computer Science Learning,” Magerko said that computer programming “is becoming a new literacy for the 21st century.” He argued that STEAM experiences, which integrate the arts and STEM fields, can help increase programming literacy and interest in computing among women and ethnic minorities in the United States.

Magerko demonstrated the functionality of EarSketch, a project he co-created that teaches JavaScript and Python coding through music remixing, and he drew parallels between major concepts in computing and music composition. So far, more than 30,000 students have used EarSketch in online courses, computer science classrooms, and workshops, Magerko said. 

Watch Magerko’s full TEDxPeachtree talk. 

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